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AARC Times
Jan. 2008-Sept. 2008, Apr. 2011 No Respiratory
American Funeral Director Jan 2005- Current Yes Funeral Service
American Feb. 2000-Dec. 2000, Mar.-Oct 2006, winter 2008 No History
American February 2005-June 2012 No History
American Journal of Critical Care Nursing Jan. 2008-Sept. 2010 No Nursing
American Journal of Sociology May 2000-July 2004 No Sociology
American Libraries Jan 2003-Oct. 2009 No Libraries
Americas Spanish Edition February 2005- June 2012 No General Interest
Arkansas Libraries Feb. 2000-Winter 2005 No Libraries
Arkansas Nursing News Spring 2010, Summer 2011, Fall 2011, winter 2011 Behind in Publication Libraries
Art in America Jan 2009-Current Yes Art
Better Homes& Garden Jan 20011-Current Yes Entertainment
Biology Digest Jan 2006-Oct 2010 No Biology
Campus Technology May 2010-July 2012 No
Civil War Times May 1992-Feb 2007 No History
College & Research Libraries March 2000-November 2006 No Libraries
College &
Research Libraries News
February 2000-May 2001 No Libraries
College Planning & Management July 2000-April 2003 No Education
College Teachings Winter 2000-Dec 2010 No Education
Community College Journal January 2000-Current No Education
Community College Review Spring 2000-Spring 2002 No Education
Junior College Libraries
2001-Dec 2009 No Libraries
Congressional Digest
(Pro & Con Monthly)
2000, 2002, 2004 No  
Consumer Reports Feb 2008-Current Yes General Interest
Consumer Reports Buying Guide January 2010-Current Yes General Interest
Criminal Justice Fall 2000-Current Yes  
Critical Care Nurse Feb. 2008-Aug 2009 No Nursing
Current Biography Jan 2005-July 2009 No  
Diesel Progress Jan 2005-Current Yes Engineering 
Director, The Jan 2005-Current Yes Funeral Services
Ebony January 2012-Current Yes Entertainment
Education Leadership January 2005-May 2010 No Education
Electrical Apparatus Jan 2005-Current Yes Electricity
Essence Jan 2012-Current yes Entertainment
Field &Stream Jan 2009-Current Yes  
Glamour Jan 2012-Current Yes Entertainment
Harper’s Weekly Journal of Civilization March 2, 1861/August 31, 1861/February 22, 1862/April 12, 1862/July 12, 1862 No History
Harvard Business Review Jan 2006-Aug 2010 No Business
Heart & Lung Jan 2006-Current Yes Respiratory
History Nov. 2006, Jan.2007, Sept./Oct 2009, Mar 2010-Oct. 2010, Jan.2011-Aug. 2011 No History
IAEI Jan 2006-Feb 2011 No Electricity
Intellectual Freedom July 2000-July 2009 No  
International Debates Jan 2003-current Yes  
Jet Jan 2012-Current Yes Entertainment
Journal , The Jan 2007-Dec 2010 No  
Journal of
Developmental Education
Spring 2009-Current Yes Education
Journal of Emergency Medical Services Jan 2006-Current Yes EMT
Journal of Leadership Studies Summer 2008-2012 No  
KMT Spring 2000-Winter’11/’12 No History
Ladies Home Journal Jan 2012-Current No Entertainment
Library Journal May 2003-current Yes Library
Military History June 2000-Sept 2005 No History
Modern Machine Shop July 2008-2010 No Technical
Money May 2011-Current Yes
Mortuary Management Apr 2006-Current yes Funeral Services
Motor Trend Jan 2006-Currrent Yes  
National Geographic Jan 2004-Current Yes  
New Criterion Jan 2005-Sept 2010 Yes  
New Directions for Community College Spring 2000-Fall 2011 No  
Newsweek Jan 2011-Current Yes Entertainment
North American Hunter Jan 2010-Current Yes Entertainment
Nursing Outlook Jan 2008-Current Yes Nursing
Nursing Research Jan 2008-Apr 2010 No Nursing
Nursing Times Jan 2008-Current Yes Nursing
Old Times Chronicles Feb 1991-May 1997 No History
Outdoor Life Jan 2012-Current Yes Entertainment
Oxford American Spring 2006-Current Yes  
People Jan 2012-Current Yes Entertainment
Popular Science Jan 2008-Current Yes Science
Psychology Today Oct 2005-Current Yes Psychology
Readers Digest Sept 201-Current Yes  
Redbook Jan 2012-Current Yes  
Reporter, The Feb 2010-Oct 2012 No  
School Planning & Management Jan 2000-Current Yes  
Science News Jan 2005-Aug 2009 No Science
Smithsonian Mar 2001-Aug 2003 No  
Southern Exposure Fall 2002-2011 No
Southern Funeral Director Feb 2005-Current Yes Funeral Services
Teaching English in a 2 yr College May 2000-Sept 2012 No Education
Techniques Feb 2000-Current Yes Technical
Time Oct 2000-Current Yes Entertainment
Today’s Campus Sept 2011-Current Yes Education
University Business Jan 2004-Current Yes  
U.S. News & World Report Jan 2008-Nov 2010 No Entertainment
Vital Speeches Jan 2000-Current Yes Speech
Workforce July 2000-Oct 2010  No
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e School News Periodical Shelf Education
Community College Week Periodical Shelf Education
Chronicles of Higher Education Periodical Shelf Education
Education Week Periodical Shelf Education
Arkansas Democrat Gazette Periodical Shelf News
Hope Star Periodical Shelf News
Lafayette County Democrat Periodical Shelf News
Murfreesboro Diamond Periodical Shelf News
Nashville News Periodical Shelf News
Nevada County Picayune Periodical Shelf News
Texarkana Gazette
Periodical Shelf News
Assessment Update Jan 2004-Dec 2009 Book Range
1999 Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance   Book Range
Education Update Feb 2007-Sept 2010 Book Range/Education
NCTM News Bulletin Mar 2000-Jan 2006 Book Range/Math
Personal Report for Administrative
Sept 2000-Current Book Range/Business
Women in Higher Education Jan 1999-Dec 2000 Book Range/Education