Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

Comp I Worksheet

Video Tutorial   (Start at 8:00)

  1. Academic Search Elite (EBSCO): Perform a full text search for social distancing and masks. According to “The Power of Masks,” face masks can reduce the transmission of COVID-19 by _______ to _______. There is plenty of evidence from countries around the world that widespread mask wearing, __________________ _______________________, handwashing and track-and-trace testing can all help life get back to normal.
  2. Academic Search Elite (EBSCO): Perform a full text search for accidents and texting. According to Nancy Mann Jackson in “DN’T TXT N DRV,” almost _____ % of all vehicle crashes, or about_____ million each year, can be linked to talking on a cell phone or texting while driving.
  3. eBook Academic Collection (EBSCO): Stay in the EBSCO interface and change to the eBook Academic Collection database. Search for medical marijuana and guns. Please write an MLA citation for Medical Cannabis: Clinical Practice.
  4. Credo Reference: Search for social distancing and open “Social distancing comes with social side effects – here’s how to stay Connected.” What is one of the three actions recommended by this article to boost feelings of well-being while social distancing?
  5. ProQuest Central (ProQuest): Perform a full text search for texting and communication skills. According to “Technology hurting communication skills,” communicating through virtual technology (emailing and texting) only requires people to use _____ of their communication skills. People who become accustomed to primarily communicating virtually , never truly develop other key communication skills, such as ________ language, tonality, ________contact and ________ mannerisms.
  6. ProQuest Central (ProQuest): Perform a full text search for gender reveal party and fire. According to “Gender-reveal party ignited costly Arizona wildfire in 2017,” Dennis Dickey shot a target filled with pink powder and Tannerite to celebrate the upcoming birth of his daughter. Unfortunately, the explosion started a fire that burned over 45,000 acres and caused over $8 million of damage. Dickey pleaded guilty and his plea agreement included _______________ years on probation, an initial payment of ______________ and monthly payments of ______________ for the next ____________ years.
  7. US Newsstream (ProQuest): Stay in the ProQuest interface, click on the Change Databases link near the top of the screen, uncheck ProQuest Direct and select US Newsstream. Perform a full text search for anti-vaxxers. According to ”Anti-vaxxers threaten everyone,” vaccine-wary parents across the country tend to live in clusters. This pattern makes the potential for large ______________ much more ______________.
  8. Go to, click on the More Issues tab, and then click on Electoral College. According to this article, what is one reason why we should stop using the Electoral College?
  9. Using the operator OR to combine concept terms is a good way to DECREASE the number of records retrieved in a search.       True   False
  10. The following search statement EXCLUDES any records that contain the term “Lurkers.”
                (“walking dead” AND zombie) OR walkers       True   False
  11. Tips for Better Search Results

    Searching with Boolean Operators:

    puppy AND kitten

    Use AND to
    search results.
    puppy OR kitten

    Use OR between
    keywords that have
    similar meanings to
    increase search results.

    Saturn NOT car

    Use NOT when searching
    for a keyword that may
    have multiple meanings.

    Law AND (ecstasy OR mdma)

    Nesting combines searches
    with parentheses to keep
    the searches in order.

    • Exact Phrase Searching: Use quotation marks (“ ”) around keywords to find an exact phrase.
    • Example: “attention deficit disorder”

    • Truncation (aka stemming) uses a character such as a question mark (?), hash tag (#), or asterisk (*) at the end of a word, which allows you to search for a root form of a word and pick up any ending.
    • Example: typing teen* will find teen, teens, teenage, teenager, teenagers

    • Wildcard Symbols replace a letter or letters within a keyword if there are different forms of the root word or if you are unsure about how to spell the word.
    Example: wom*n will find both women and woman