Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

Limiting Search Results

EBSCOhost databases

  • Select Peer Reviewed and Full Text on the left hand sidebar of your results page.
  • Select your desired date range with the Time Period slide bar on the left side of your results page.
ProQuest databases:

  • Peer Reviewed and Full Text are options you may select under the search bar.
  • You may select your desired time range on the left side of your results page.
Boolean Operators

  • Boolean Operators must be in ALL CAPS when you use them.
  • AND – use AND to narrow your search. Example: “puppy” AND “kitten”
  • OR – use OR to broaden your search by connecting two or more synonyms. Example: “puppy” OR “kitten
  • NOT – use NOT to exclude terms from your search. If you start searching and notice you are getting lots of results that are not related but use similar keywords this Boolean Operator is useful. Example: (puppy) not (kitten OR cat)
  • Use quotation marks to keep the words in a phrase together in the search results:
    “spring break”, “Lord of the Flies”, etc.