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Guide to the Human Body

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A Pediatric Nurse’s Guide to the Human Body recommended by Noah B.

The Human Body for Kids

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More Databases

Books & eBooks eBooks listed below require EBSCO login & password. Many more eBooks about Anatomy & Physiology are available through the Library’s databases.

Anatomy of an epidemic: magic bullets, psychiatric drugs, and the astonishing rise of mental illness in America
           by Robert Whitaker. Call #: RC443 .W437 2010

Anatomy of the human body by Henry Gray. Call #: REF QM23.2 .G73 1985

Anatomy of neuropsychiatry the new anatomy of the basal forebrain and its implications for neuropsychiatric illness
           by Lennart Heimer et al. Amsterdam : Academic Press. 2008.

Atlas of human anatomy . Call #: REF QM25 .A85 2002

The Cambridge illustrated history of surgery by Harold Ellis. Call #: RD19 .E43 2009

CT anatomy for radiotherapy by Pete Bridge and David J. Tipper. Cumbria [U.K.]: M&K Update Ltd. 2011

Essential medical physiology by Leonard R. Johnson. Amsterdam: Academic Press. 2003.

First FRCR Anatomy: Questions and Answers by Usman Shaikh. Cambridge University Press, 2012.

FRCR Part 1 Anatomy Mock Examinations. by Aidan Shaw, David C. Howlett, Benjamin Smith, Royal College of Radiologists (Great
         Britain), UK: Cambridge University Press; 2011.

From nursing assistant to clinical care associate by Carole Miele. Call #: RT84 .M54 1999

The handy anatomy answer book by Naomi E.Balaban. Call #: REF QM23.2 .B62 2008

A history of anatomy the post-Vesalian era by T. V. N. Persaud. Springfield, Ill: Charles C Thomas. 1997

Human anatomy and physiology by Kent M. Van De Graaff. Call #: QP41 .V358 2011

The human body book by Steve Parker. Call #: REF QM26 .P33 2007

Human gross anatomy: An outline text by Robert J. Leonard. New York: Oxford University Press. 1995

Human skeletal anatomy laboratory manual and workbook by Scott I. Fairgrieve and Tracy S. Oost. Springfield, Ill: Charles C Thomas.

ICD-10 competency assessment for coders: Anatomy and physiology by Adrianne E. Avillion. Danvers, MA: HCPro, a division of BLR.

The illustrated guide to anatomy and physiology : an introductory text for the study of embalming and disease by David F. Mullins.
          Call #: REF QM23.2 .M85 2000.

Magill’s medical guide edited by Brandon P. Brown et al. Call #: REF RC41 .M34 2011

The making of Mr. Gray’s anatomy: Bodies, Books, Fortune, Fame by Ruth Richardson. Oxford: OUP Oxford. 2008

Me and my amazing body by Joan Sweeney. Call #: QM27.S94 1999

Neurological assessment: a clinician’s guide by Karen Jones. Call #: RC350.P48 J66 2011

Our Marvelous Bodies : An Introduction to the Physiology of Human Health by Gary F. Merrill. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers
          University Press. 2008

The Oxford companion to the body edited by Colin Blakemore and Sheila Jennett. Call #: REF QM7 .O96 2001

Paramedics! Test yourself in anatomy and physiology by Katherine M. A. Rogers. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education. 2011.

Passing the FRCR Part 1: Cracking Anatomy by Niall Moore. Stuttgart: Thieme. 2014

Physiology by numbers an encouragement to quantitative thinking by R. F. Burton. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2000.

Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume III: Spine, Extremities, Joints: Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging by
           B. Möller and Emil Reif, 2017.

Primate anatomy an introduction by Friderun Ankel-Simons. Amsterdam: Academic Press. 2007.

Rethinking homeostasis allostatic regulation in physiology and pathophysiology by Jay Schulkin. Cambridge, Mass: A Bradford Book.

Ross and Wilson anatomy and physiology in health and illness by Anne Waugh. Call #: REF RT69 .W48 2006

Surgical anatomy of the head and neck edited by Parviz Janfaza and others. First Harvard University Press edition. Cambridge,
          Mass: Harvard University Press. 2011.