Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Cultural Considerations & Burial Rituals

Association for Gravestone Studies

Cemetery Symbolism: A Wary Glossary by Joel GAzis-SAx / City of the Silent
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Cemetery Symbolism In Stone presented by Bret Peterson

Chinese Funeral Etiquette

Cultural and Religious Funeral Customs

Death, Funeral, Requiem — Orthodox Christian Traditions, Customs and Practice by Archpriest Victor Sokolov

Funeral Customs by Religion, Ethnicity and Culture

Funeral Etiquette: At the service from the Emily Post Institute

Muslim Funeral Traditions from

A Guide to a Proper Buddhist Funeral by Koperasi Buddhisme Malaysia Berhad.

The History of Funerals

Japanese Buddhist Funeral Customs by: Billy Hammond (TanuTech)

Jewish Funerals, Burial & Mourning published by Kavod v’Nichum & the Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington

Military Funeral Customsfrom Arlington Cemetery

National Museum of Funeral History with over 20,000 square feet of exhibition space, the National Museum of Funeral History is the largest educational center on Funeral Heritage in the United States.

Transition Rituals: A Faith By Faith Guide to Rites for the Deceased from