Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Korean War

More eBooks related to Korea are available through the Library’s databases.

About face by David H. Hackworth. New York : Simon and Schuster, c1989. Call #: U53.H25 A3 1989

America at war since 1945 politics and diplomacy in Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War by Gary Donaldson. Westport,
                   CT: Praeger, 1996.

The aquariums of Pyongyang : ten years in a North Korean gulag by Chʿŏr-hwan Kang. Call #: HV9815.6 .K3613 2001

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                  Books, c1993. Call #: DS921.6 .D86 2000

The battle behind the wire U.S. prisoner and detainee operations from World War II to Iraq by Cheryl Benard et al. Santa
                  Monica, CA. : RAND, 2011.

Blood on the hills the Canadian Army in the Korean War by David Jay Bercuson. Toronto [Ont.]: University of Toronto
                  Press, c1999.

The bridge at No Gun Ri : a hidden nightmare from the Korean War by Charles J. Hanley. New York : Henry Holt, 2001.
                  Call #: DS920.8 .H36 2001

China’s road to the Korean War the making of the Sino-American confrontation by Jian Chen. New York: Columbia
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Combat ready? the Eighth U.S. Army on the eve of the Korean War by Thomas E. Hanson. College Station: Texas A & M
                  University Press, c2010.

The dirtiest race in history: Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and the 1988 Olympic 100m final by Richard Moore.
                  Call #: GV721.5 .M66 2013

Encyclopedia of the Korean War a political, social, and military history edited by Spencer C. Tucker; Jinwung Kim et al,
                  assistant editors. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2000.

Escape from Camp 14 : one man’s remarkable odyssey from North Korea to freedom in the west by Blaine Harden.
                  Call #: HV9815.6 .H37 2013

From the Hudson to the Yalu West Point ’49 in the Korean War by Harry J. Maihafer. College Station: Texas A & M
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A guide to films on the Korean War by Paul M. Edwards. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, c1997.

The health of former prisoners of war results from the medical examination survey of former POWs of World War II and
                  the Korean Conflict
by William Frank Page. Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 1992.

HMAS Bataan, 1952 an Australian warship in the Korean War by Anthony James Cooper. Sydney: University of New South
                  Wales Press, 2010.

In time of war understanding American public opinion from World War II to Iraq by Adam J. Berinsky. Chicago: University
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Korea reborn: a grateful nation honors war veterans for more than 60 years of growth. Salt Lake City, Utah: Remember My
                  Service Productions, a division of StoryRock, Inc., [2018] Call #: DS902.12.K67

Korea: the first war we lost by Bevin Alexander. New York: Hippocrene Books, c1986, (1987 printing).
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The Korean War no victors, no vanquished by Stanley Sandler. London: UCL Press, 1999.

Korean War order of battle United States, United Nations, and Communist Ground, Naval, and Air Forces, 1950-1953
                   by Gordon L. Rottman. Westport, CT : Praeger, 2002.

The Korean War the story and photographs by Donald M. Goldstein.

Leadership in the crucible the Korean War battles of Twin Tunnels & Chipyong-ni by Kenneth Earl Hamburger.
                   College Station: Texas A & M University Press, c2003.

On the front lines of the Cold War an American correspondent’s journal from the Chinese Civil War to the Cuban Missile                   Crisis and Vietnam by Seymour Topping. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, c2010.

Pork Chop Hill: the American fighting man in action, Korea, Spring, 1953 by S. L. A. Marshall. New York: Berkley Books,                   2000, c1956. Call #: DS918 .M298 1981

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