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The Great Depression

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The 1930s   1  2

Art of the New Deal   1  2

Bank Run   1  2

Black Thursday, 24 October 1929   1  2
Black Monday, 28 October 1929   1  2
Black Tuesday, 29 October 1929   1  2

Civilian Conservation Corps   1  2

Crime in the Great Depression   1  2  3

Depression Era Outlaws  1  2  3  4

Dust Bowl  1  2  3

Earhart, Amelia   1  2

Federal Housing Act  1  2

Fireside Chats   1  2

FDIC   1  2

Glass-Steagall Act   1  2

The Great Depression  1  2

Hindenburg Disaster  1  2

Hoover Dam  1  2

Hoover, Herbert  1  2

Hoovervilles  1  2

Laissez-faire Economics  1  2

Lindbergh, Charles   1  2

Lindbergh Kidnapping  1  2

New Deal  1  2

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano   1  2  3  

Scottsboro Boys  1  2

Smoot Hawley Act  1  2

Social Security Act  1  2

Stock Market Crash of 1929  1  2

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)   1  2

Veterans Administration  1  2

Works Progress Administration (WPA)  1  2

Books & eBooks   eBooks require EBSCO login. There are more books, eBooks & DVDs related to the Great Depression on the shelves and available through the Library’s databases.

Black blizzard: the storm at the heart of the Great Depression produced by Engel Entertainment, Inc. for History;
                producers, Amy Bucher, Heidi Burke; writer, Amy Bucher. Call #: DVD F595.B53 2011

Charleston and the Great Depression: a documentary history, 1929-1941 edited by Kieran W. Taylor.

Children of the Dust Bowl: the true story of the school at Weedpatch Camp by Jerry Stanley.
                Call #: LC5152.C2 S73 1992

Corporate Dreams Big Business in American Democracy from the Great Depression to the Great Recession
                by James Hoopes.

The defining moment the Great Depression and the American economy in the twentieth century edited by
                Michael D. Bordo, Claudia Goldin, and Eugene N. White. Series: A National Bureau of Economic
                Research project report.

The Depression and New Deal: a history in documents by Robert S. McElvaine. Call #: E806.M43 2000

The economics of the great depression, Mark Wheeler, editor.

Essays on the great depression by Ben Bernanke.

Faulkner and the Great Depression aesthetics, ideology, and cultural politics by Ted Atkinson.

The Great Depression, produced by Towers Productions, Inc. for The History Channel. Series: Multimedia
                classroom American history series; volume 1, lesson 16. Call #: DVD E178.1.M95 2005

The Great Depression edited by David Haugen, Susan Musser, and Vickey Kalambakal. Call #: E806.G829 2010

The Great Depression by Edmund O. Stillman.

The Great Depression an international disaster of perverse economic policies by Thomas E. Hall.

The Great Depression and the New Deal by Robert F. Himmelberg. Series: Greenwood Press guides to historic
                events of the twentieth century, Published 2001.

The Great Depression & the New Deal a very short introduction by Eric Rauchway.

The Great Depression: experience the 1930s from the Dust Bowl to the New Deal by Marcia Amidon Lüsted.
                Series: Inquire and investigate, Published 2016.

The Great Depression in America a cultural encyclopedia by William H. Young.

Great Depression people and perspectives edited by Hamilton Cravens. Series: Perspectives in American
                social history.

Lessons from the Great Depression by Peter Temin. Series: The Lionel Robbins lectures for 1989.

Lords of finance: the bankers who broke the world by Liaquat Ahamed. Call #: HG172.A2 A43 2009

The Midas paradox: financial markets, government policy shocks, and the Great Depression by Scott B. Sumner.

New Deal or raw deal?: how FDR’s economic legacy has damaged America by Burton W. Folsom.
                Call #: E806.F64 2008

Or does it explode? Black Harlem in the Great Depression by Cheryl Lynn Greenberg.

Rebirth: Mexican Los Angeles from the great migration to the Great Depression by Douglas Monroy.

Remembering the Great Depression in the rural South by Kenneth J. Bindas. Call #: F215.B58 2007

Roosevelt, the Great Depression, and the economics of recovery by Elliot A. Rosen.

The segregated origins of social security: African Americans and the welfare state by Mary Poole.
                Call #: E185.8.P66 2006

Sold on a Monday by Kristina McMorris. Call #: PS3613.C585453 S65 2018

Stories of survival: Arkansas farmers during the Great Depression by compiled by William D. Downs, Jr.
                Call #: F411.S86 2011

Who’s in the money?: the Great Depression musicals and Hollywood’s New Deal by Harvey G. Cohen.