Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Family Child Care Providers

Competency Goal I

To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment.

1.  Provide the name and telephone number of an agency to report child abuse concerns.

2.  Include the original first-aid certificate of completion from Red Cross or other certified agency.  Certification must have been within the past three years.

3.  Obtain the name of a local agency which provides information on nutrition for children (e.g., U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Program, Cooperative Extension Service).



Competency Goal II

To advance physical and intellectual competence.

4.  Select four songs, including two from other cultures.  Provide the music and the words.

5.  List nine stimulating activities that promote physical, cognitive and creative development:  three for infants, three for toddlers, and three for preschoolers.  Describe the materials used, the skills they encourage, and how the children should use them.



Competency Goal III

To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance

6.  Provide titles, authors, publishers, and the copyright dates of five children’s books (appropriate for the age group with which the Candidate is currently working) that support development of gender identity by portraying males and females in diverse roles.  The copyright dates should be within the past 10 years.

7.  Provide the titles, authors, publishers, and the copyright dates of two picture books that deal with children with disabling conditions.  The copyright dates should be within the past 10 years.

8.  Provide the titles, authors, publishers and the copyright dates of three children’s books that deal with separation, divorce, remarriage, or blended families.  The books for parents may either be children’s books or adult’s books.  The copyright dates should be within the past 10 years.

9.  Obtain the name of a local hospital and its policies about group field trips, orientation for children scheduled for hospitalization, and parents’ presence during children’s inpatient stays.

10.  Provide the name and telephone number of an agency for making referrals to family counseling.

Competency Goal IV

To establish positive and productive relationships with families.

11.  Document the program’s policies that specify what parents should do and what the program does for parents.  Include also the flyer or brochure the Candidate uses to advertise his/her family child care home, and description of his/her plan for emergency and substitute care.


Competency Goal V

To ensure a well-run, purposeful program responsive to participant needs.

12.  Provide four samples of record-keeping forms used in family child care programs; two small business forms such as bookkeeping, insurance, and taxes; and two program operation forms, such as accident report and emergency form.


Competency Goal VI

To maintain a commitment to professionalism.

13.  Obtain the address and telephone number of a state agency that regulates family child care homes; request a copy of current regulations.  If no regulation exists, a copy of the standards endorsed by a local, state, or national family child care association.

14.  Contact two or three national early childhood education associations, and one or two state or local family child care associations.  Request information about membership and how to order resources.  Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to obtain this information.

15.  Obtain pamphlets/brochures (no more than five) designed for parents to help them understand how children grow and learn.

16.  Locate an observation tool to use in recording information about children’s behaviors.  One copy should be blank; the other copy should be filled out with a sample observation of an individual child.  (The child’s name should not be included.)  Identify the age range of children for which the tool is appropriate.

17.  Obtain contact information for agencies in the community that provide resources for children with disabilities.